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01Nov.2020 – Quillan Creek now has a fabulous new custom cover with original artwork which brings Jessie and her companions to life. Scroll down to view, or read more about Time Stones Book 1 here

01Oct.2020 – Quillan Creek gets a full Five Stars and a “Highly Recommended” review from the Coffee Pot Book Club. Read the full review here (opens to the Coffee Pot Book Club site)

17Jun.2020 – Coming Winter 2020 – Book II of the “Time Stones” series (title, publication date and cover to be revealed)

Already published for Kindle, in KindleUnlimited or as Paperback on Amazon – click Books for country links and more details

Quillan Creek and the Little War – Time Stones I

Follow Jessie’s adventures as she is summoned to the woodlands of 18th century New York, where suspicion, war and disease are far from her only troubles.

History has always been a dangerous place!